The Cirk team

A look back at 2019

As we stand on the cusp of the New Year, I look back over 2019, and it leaves me breathless to see all that The CIRK has achieved over this year.


The biggest thing that shines through is the amazing people who have joined our cirque family – the students who took the leap to try something different, explore the magic of circus as part of their fitness routine, and whom we’ve come to love as family.


Talking of students, we hosted our first student showcase – The Greatest CIRK Show – where we saw some of these very same students step out of their comfort zones, put in weeks of practice, and perform in front of a crowd. Not an easy thing to do, and we were so proud of them!



We also celebrated our first birthday! Now THAT was something incredible…looking back from when we first started to what we’d achieved in that year. I still remember meeting Orlando at the venue, when it was just a bare, empty “warehouse” and listening in awe to what he envisioned for the space. I’d say that he has exceeded his own initial vision, and the beauty of it, is that there is so much more to come! I can’t wait to see how this incredible world-of-its-own grows and evolves from here.


We introduced two brand new shows – our Inner CIRK’L Blues Band Night, with Broke n Free – which saw circus art coming together with blues-rock music to deliver an unforgettable weekend; and the absolutely inspiring La Bella – I Am Woman show, created by our own Nataniel from La Rouge SA. This beautiful show left a mark on so many people, expressing the beauty and strength of women in a difficult world, in a story wrapped up in beautiful dancing, the exquisite voice of Danica Bezuidenhout of Shut Up! It’s Sunday, stunning aerial and ground performances, and just so much more!



Our corporate performances also saw wonderful growth, with our team of performers taking the magic and wonder of The CIRK to new audiences.


We performed at some really big events as well – Afrikaans is Groot, the Vodacom CEO Awards, and numerous others. Some might say it’s all in a day’s work – but if you know our team, you’ll know how incredibly hard they work to make each and every performance perfect! That’s one of the many things that always inspires me about The CIRK – the unmatched quality of performances. Hearts and souls go into every single performance we do – big or small.



Another big achievement for us was obtaining our official liquor license. I like to say that getting a liquor license ain’t for sissies, because it took us over a year – working through mounds of paperwork, having endless meetings – to obtain this. But we did it!


As I sit here writing this blog, our teams are in Ghana and soon to hit Nigeria: performing in Accra’s Cirque De Soir showcase; and Lagos, Nigeria, for the Christmas Eve service for Christ Embassy. Taking our performances outside of SA’s borders is something we are growing at The CIRK, and we are loving sharing circus arts with the rest of Africa.



And there were so many other things in between that The CIRK achieved this year! And if that’s what we’ve done in a year-and-a-half, I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2020!


Thank you to everyone who has walked our journey with us so far – we appreciate each and every one’s contribution to making The CIRK what it is today – and what it is evolving to become! Watch this space, because this space is a very exciting one!


And to all of you – have a wonderful holiday! Rest up, unwind, catch up on some relaxation and sleep; and from all of us at The CIRK – HAPPY NEW YEAR!