Heads and manages the Professional Training Program at The CIRK

Polish born, Joanna Pawelczyk boasts a versatile skill set which includes a long record of remarkable accomplishments in Pole Fitness Training and performance. She has been involved in competitive pole dancing for several years which has seen her performing in Australia, Prague as well as travel to Los Angeles, USA to train at the Choreography House. 

Joanna is a graduate of photography from the University of Cape Town which has allowed her to work as an independent photographer for many functions and events. In 2011, she opened a pole fitness studio called UniQ fitness which she later sold to move to Johannesburg to further purse her career in cirque training. 

She currently sits as a Director at The CIRK, heads and manages the Professional Training Program at The CIRK. Her role is to ensure that the program produces quality performers as well as choreograph acts that capture the beauty and essence of cirque arts training. Her strong business acumen and competition skills ensure a strong regard for discipline and good technique showcased by performers on the production The CIRK acts.